Somatic Archiving


All of us know we embed memories in our bodies, but how does this happen? How do we access it? What are the implications of opening up the somatic dimensions of archiving? If we become more astute at somatic archiving, might we be opening up a way of confronting and protecting ourselves from the manipulation of affect to which we are constantly subjected? Or might we be opening ourselves up to further manipulation?

Somatic Archiving is a practice within the wider domain of Somatic Materialism, and it is strongly committed to embodied, phenomenological, and practice-based research. Continuing to investigate the performance of memory, this archiving research deepens and compliments the artistic research into affect.

Further reading: Susan Kozel’s (2014) Somatic Archiving and Spatio-material Politics of Non-institutional Memory and Somatic Materialism (2013).

Researchers: Susan Kozel

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