Jacek Smolicki

PhD candidate in Media and Communications and within the Living Archives Research Project.

I am an artist and designer with MFA degrees in Methodology of Design, Interdisciplinary Studies/Experience Design and Sound Art currently studying towards PhD in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University. My practice-based background is built upon an a range of diverse international initiatives and projects including such forms as interactive installations, sous-veillance art, site-specific memorial art, soundwalks, immersive soundscapes and performance (more on www.smolicki.com). Since 2008, I have been regularly recording my presence by the means of consistently performed practices deploying a range of multimodal technologies and artistic techniques (www.on-going.net).

My work attempts to open up and rethink the concept of the archive and archiving practices taking into account what I denote as’capture culture’ – a condition instigated by an ever expanding proliferation of capturing and tracking technologies as well as increasingly automated life-logging practices. While acknowledging the implications of this condition (transpiring in debates on e.g. big data, data surveillance) and recognizing a certain polarization of views in relation to data collection practices (‘dataphobia’ versus ‘dataphilia’) I am interested in exploring methods of living with recording and archiving technologies beyond such radicalized stances. Therefore, drawing on both practices and theories of database aesthetics, media archaeology and media art, in my research I investigate how artistic methodologies can contribute to the debate on personal archiving in the light of the aforementioned context. I convey this study along with a practical and reflective engagement in my own, life-long archiving practices.

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