How to: Flickr

A quick guide on how to publish photographs, graphics etc. on Flickr.

What media should be uploaded to Flickr?
We use Flickr for making a selection of images available for the public to access via web or via Flickr’s API. We do NOT use Flickr as our private media archive (this is what our external harddrive is for).

How do I upload images?
We are using Medea’s pro account, which you access using this username/pwd combination. When uploading few images (1-50), use the web uploader. When uploading many images (50+), you may want to use the desktop uploader that is available for both Windows and Mac. The desktop uploader is much more reliable than the web uploader.

File sizes and other limits?
There are no limits to how large the files can be, nor is there a limit to the number of images we can upload.

How do I organize the images?
Since we are using Medea’s Flickr account, we need to make sure to put the images in the Living Archives Collection. A collection is an assembly of albums. To create an album and add it to a collection, you need to:

  1. Upload the images via web or desktop uploader
  2. Log in to Flickr
  3. Go to “You” and then “organize”
  4. Drag the images you want to put in an album to the big gray area
  5. Click “add to album” and create a new album or choose an existing one
  6. When you’re done adding images to the album, go to and drag the album to the Living Archives Collection located in the left column

Titles, descriptions, and tags?
It’s important to add at least titles to the images you upload. This can be done either during upload or after. We don’t have any preferred naming conventions right now, be creative.

Copyright, Creative Commons?
The standard license for any photos uploaded to Medea’s Flickr account is Creative Commons-Attribution (CC:BY), meaning that anyone can use the image for any purpose as long as the copyright owner is credited (attributed). If you want to be credited personally, make sure to add your name in the description box of the image. If left blank, Medea will be credited as copyright owner. The default CC:BY license can be overridden on a per image basis. Read more about the CC:BY license.

Updated Oct 16, 2014, by Richard.

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