The project developed tools, methods, and best practices, structured through parallel and complementary research strands: Performing Memory and Open Data

The project was carried out by a collaborative and multidisciplinary team of researchers, contributing knowledge and methods from the fields of History, Artistic Research, Interaction Design, Computer Science and Cultural and Critical Theory. View everyone involved in the project here.

Project Deliverables The project delivered in two modes: (1) theoretical, reflective and analytical, and (2) practical through the means of concrete online prototypes, mobile applications and embodied social practices. The theoretical deliverables included scholarly publications, and general interest publications, discussions, interviews and conference presentations. The practical output included refined workshop methodologies, performance practices using newly developed mobile applications and metadata applications. The practical deliverables included the technological platforms we developed or helped to refine, and the social movements we initiated.

An important contribution was the contribution to Openness; the politics practices and poetics of openness,the publication on medium.com

Next Steps The Living Archives project closed in 2017 but Prof. Susan Kozel will be initiating a new project soon.

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