Living Archives Team

This list includes the team members that have been part of the Living Archives project.


Erling Björgvinsson

Professor, HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts, Gothenburg University.  Associate Professor, Interaction Design, Malmö University. 





Maria Engberg

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Malmö University.  PhD. in English.





Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen

Research Assistant, Living Archives Research Project.   Adjunct, School of Arts and Communication (K3), Malmö University.   M.Sc. in Digital Design & Communication.



Anders Høg Hansen

Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Communication, Malmö University.   PhD Cultural Studies.





Roger Johansson

Professor, History and the Director of Research at the Institute for studies in Malmö’s History, Malmö University.  




Susan Kozel     (Project Lead)

Professor, School of Arts and Communication (K3).  Director of the Living Archives Research Project.





Nikita Mazurov

Postdoc with the Living Archives project.





Elisabet M. Nilsson

Senior Lecturer, Interaction Design.  PhD in Education Sciences.





Temi Odumosu

Art Historian and Postdoc researcher on the Living Archives Research Project.





Jacek Smolicki

PhD candidate in Media and Communications and within the Living Archives Research Project.





Daniel Spikol

Assistant Professor, Computer Science.  PhD.





Veronica Wiman

Curator of Contemporary Art and a Professor of Contemporary Art at the Academy of Contemporary Art in Tromsö.





People previously affiliated with the project
Jeannette Ginslov, artistic researcher
Marie Gustafsson Friberger, researcher
Sayaka Osanami Törngren, researcher
Camilla Ryd, research assistant
Richard Topgaard, web editor

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