Calendar of Contributions


This is a record of all major events in the Living Archives project: Internal seminars, participation in external seminars and conferences, workshops, and experiments etc.


Workshop: Co-archiving workshop on the topic of “Landscaping shame: migrant people and informal rural settlement documentation (methodologies and experiences)”, part of the project Architecture of Shame, Matera 2019 Capitale Europea della Cultura.



Nov 2017 – April 2018. The Co-archiving Toolbox tested in the field

Aug. Workshop: Identification as Process in Participatory Design, at the Participatory Design Conferencein Hasselt  and Genk, Belgium. 

June 25-28. Paper presentation: “The Co-archiving Toolbox – Designing conditions for diversity in public archives” at Design Research Society 2018 Catalyst, DRS2018, University of Limerick, Ireland.  

May. The Co-archiving Toolbox published as open source on Instructables

Apr. ‘Cache 22: on Lures and Traps of Digital Memory’, talk at the closing event of Living Archives research project at Malmö Museum, Malmö, Sweden

Apr 12-13. Paper presentation: “Re-thinking archiving for increased diversity – Insights from a co-design project with museum professionals and refugees” at the Cumulus 2018 Conference in Paris, France

Apr 11-13. The Co-archiving Refugee Documentation Project presented at the Living Archives final event TO BE ARCHIVED. [Posters

Apr 11-13. ‘Quivering Stillness‘, sound performance at the closing event of Living Archives research project at Malmö Museum, Malmö, Sweden

Feb. ‘Alienating and affirmative power of contemporary mnemotechnologies Talk at Documedial Revolution seminar, Collège d’études mondiales de la FMSH, Paris, France



Dec 04. ‘On Remedies, Gardens, and Sugar Cane: Contemporary artists healing within the colonial archive’, at the conference Unleashing and confronting stories of Bildung: Remediations of cultural-natural heritage, organised by The Past’s Future project, University of Copenhagen. Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Dec 15. ‘Para-Archives. Rethinking Personal Archiving Practices in the Times of Capture Culture‘,  PhD dissertation defense, talk.

Nov 30. ‘Unable to Hear the Tears: In search of empathy during Denmark’s 2017 commemorations’, a keynote for the international conference Unfinished Histories: Art, Memory, and the Visual Politics of Coloniality, organised by the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, and the Royal Library of Denmark. Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Nov 17. ‘What Lies Unspoken: On voice, presence, and power’, at the seminar for feminist practice in the arts Cut the Gap. National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Nov 16. Colonisation and Decolonisation strand, chaired by Erling Björgvinsson, Temi Odumosu, and Mahmoud Keshavarz at the 2017 biennial PARSE conference on EXCLUSION. Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden. (TO)

Nov 04. ‘On archives, identity, and the performance of memory’, a seminar for Campus Art Dubai 6.0. Art Jameel Project Space, Dubai, UAE. (TO)

Oct 30. ‘Loving in the colonial archive: Some mixed media approaches to issues of silence and forgetting’, a seminar for the workshop Deviant Design in a House of Old Fears: Questioning Coloniality in Design Theory and Practice, organised by S A V V Y Contemporary: The Laboratory of Form-Ideas (Berlin) and Visual Communication (RCA). Royal College of Art, London, UK. (TO)

Oct 11. ‘We Carry it Within Us: Fragments of a shared colonial past’ a film screening and discussion with Helle Stenum and Temi Odumosu, for the international workshop Race, Space, and Ethics: (post)colonial migration systems, part of the Spaces, Borders, Bodies-project run by Martin Lemberg-Pedersen, Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark. (TO)

Oct 05. ‘Close Contact: Touching colonial histories and sensitive memories in mixed media’, a higher seminar co-arranged by Art History and Media and Communication Studies at the School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University, Sweden. (TO)

Sept 13-19. [Post]-[Digital]-[Archives], exhibition and soundwalk performance. Inter Arts Center (IAC), Malmö, Sweden. Invited artists and practitioners: Olle Essvik, Tim Shaw, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Ronda Bautista, Jenny Soep, Nikita Mazurov, Lucy N. A talk was given on the event at the ‘Thinking Through the Digital in Literature’, international conference in Linköping, Sweden later in November.

Sept. ‘Sound-walking as Para-archiving’, talk at Det Trädje Öret, (The Third Ear), Lund University, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Sweden

Sept 15. ‘Finding Alberta: Using Locative Media to Reveal Black Lives in Danish Colonial Archives’, a workshop at the Inclusive Museum conference on Diaspora, Integration and Museums. Manchester Museum, UK. (ME, TO)

Aug 29. Raya Dimitrova, Interaction Design Master student at K3/Malmö University, presented her thesis project: Designing a collaborative self-archiving system for vulnerable groups via co-design means

July 11. ‘Loving in the colonial archive: Some mixed media approaches to issues of silence and forgetting’, a workshop for the seminar Forschen und Recherchieren, organised by Nausikaa El Mecky, at the Pädagogische Hochschule, Heidelberg, Germany. (TO)

July 07. ‘AFROPEAN FIRSTS – Blackness in Cultural Heritage and Visual Arts in Europe’, a panel with Adelaide Bannerman, Jeannette Ehlers, and Sasha Huber Saarikko, moderated by Temi Odumosu, at the conference Afroeuropeans: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe. University of Tampere, Finland. (TO)

July. ‘Stockholm Soundwalk‘, multi-modal soundwalk performance in conjunction with the World Listening Day, Stockholm, Sweden

June 16. ‘Postcolonial Design Interventions: Mixed Reality Design for Revealing Histories of Slavery and Their Legacies in Copenhagen’, at the NORDES conference Design+Power. AHO Oslo, Norway (ME, SK, TO)

June 14. Co-archiving Refugee Documentation Workshop #4.

June 01. Paper presentation: “Becoming a co-archivist. ReDoing archival practices for democratising the access to and participation in archives” presented at the Cumulus 2017 Conferencein Kolding, Denmark. 

June 01. ‘Alternative Histories: La Vaughn Belle and Tiphanie Yanique in conversation with Temi Odumosu’, a talk in conjunction with the exhibition Blind Spots: Images of the Danish West Indies Colony, at the Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

May 19. “On the Creation and Maintenance of a Shadow Archive” open workshop. Malmö högskola, Malmö, Sweden.

May 18. Opening of ‘What Lies Unspoken’ sound installation in the exhibition Blind Spots: Images of the Danish West Indies Colony, at the Royal Library of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

May 05. ‘Unfinished Conversation 3: Yong Sun Gullach and Miriam Firesewra Berhane Haile discussing the Transfer Day cheque’, a dialogue at the SMK Friday event What Lies Unspoken/Mark Lecky, at the National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

May 05. Opening of ‘What Lies Unspoken’, an exhibition and sound installation at National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

May. ‘Fragmentarium – on Post Digital Archives‘, talk and exhibition at GeoMedia conference in Karlstad, Sweden

April 24. Co-archiving Refugee Documentation Workshop #3.

April 22. “Augmented And Mixed Reality Design For Contested And Challenging Histories.” MW17: Museums and the Web 2017. Cleveland, OH (ME)

April 7. Co-archiving Refugee Documentation Workshop #2.

Mar 21. Ethics seminar “Unheard Voices: Research ethics when collaborating with vulnerable groups”.

Mar 10. Co-archiving Refugee Documentation Workshop #1.

Mar 08. ‘Experiencing Hospitality’ a panel at the conference A Second Home: Mediating Borders and Hospitality. Organised by the Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University, at the Film House, Stockholm, Sweden. (TO)

Mar 03. ‘Ethnic Intimacies: A small history of racial artefacts in the home’ a lecture at The School of Design and Crafts (HDK) at the University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden. (TO)

Feb. 8. “Augmented and Mixed Reality Design for Contested and Challenging Histories.” at the Digital Scholarship Seminar, NUI Galway. (ME)

Jan 25. Exhibition opening of ‘Milk & Honey’, a mixed-media installation at Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba, Sweden. (TO)

Jan 20. ‘On Floating Cartographies: Art for the cities within’, at the symposium Samhällsmaskinen (Society Machine). Organised in conjunction with an exhibition at Malmö Konstmuseum, Malmö, Sweden. (TO)

Jan – Mar. Research-based teaching: Interaction Design Master students at K3/Malmö University developed a collection of co-archiving practices for refugee documentation,  read more about the design process and outcome.



Dec 06. ‘We Carry Our Hearts: Artistic notes on memory, migration, and presence’, at the symposium Integrera mera – Hur? (Integrate more – How?). Organised by Best Biennale! and the Art Educational Network in Skåne, Ystads Konstmuseum, Ystad, Sweden. (TO)

Dec 01. ‘Just Being There: Decoloniality as a matter of presence and care’, at the symposium Anatomising the Museum: Contemporary Art and the Decolonisation of Museums. Organised by Swedish Exhibition Agency at Museum of World Culture, Gothenberg, Sweden. (TO)

Dec – ongoing. The Co-archiving Refugee Documentation project, read more about the design workshops, and outcome up to now

Nov 19. Presentation of the paper “Co-designing newcomers archives: discussing ethical challenges when establishing collaboration with vulnerable user groups” at Cumulus Hong Kong 2016, Hong Kong.

Nov 17-19. ‘Traces of Congo in the Nordic Colonial Archive’ at the NYU conference Black Portraiture[s] III: Reinventions: Strains of Histories and Cultures, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa. (TO)

Nov 16. Presenting the Co-archiving research themeat the K3 Research Fair.

Nov 11. ‘Scanning the Ethiopian Head’ a mixed-media talk on AR and 3D scanning at the SMK Friday event Dead or Alive!, National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. (SK, TO)

Nov 08. ‘Decoding Ourselves’ a panel discussion with screening of John Akomfrah film The Stuart Hall Project. Organised by Moderna Museet, Malmö at Studio, Malmö, Sweden. (TO)

Oct 20. Paper presentation: ”Prototyping collaborative (co)-archiving practices – From archival appraisal to co-archival facilitation” at The International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM), Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Oct 18. ‘Black Body Politics for 2016: a silent lecture’ a kitchen window mixed-media projection and open house event at Fittja residence apartment, Botkyrka Konsthall, Botkyrka, Sweden. (TO)

Oct 06. Conversation with performance artist Yong Sun Gullach for seminar Social Exclusion, Postcolonial Perspectives and Discrimination, Center for Social Exclusion and Learning (SEAL), Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Sept 29. ‘The Stereotypes remain the same’ and ‘The pasts live amongst us’, multidisciplinary discussions as part of  The Other is Me seminar, Roskilde University in collaboration with Copenhagen City Library, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Sept 23. Document Decontamination: Mitigating Malice in the Archive open workshop

Sept 22. ‘Decolonial politics of care in the archive’ a lecture for N15 – Queer Strategies for Art Production (Chapter 2: Rewritings), a curated series by Ellen Suneson and Julia Björnberg, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden. (TO)

Sept 19-20. ‘Digital Contact Zones’ at the Digital Futures workshop, SWITCH Network and Världskulturmuseet, Gothenberg, Sweden. (TO)

Sept 18. ‘Amble’ a series of performances and soundwalks based on an archive of soundscapes constructed in Romainmôtier in Switzerland. Within Les Weekends du Roy at Arc, Art residency. Collaboration with Tim Shaw from Culture Lab in Newcastle. (JS)

Sept 15. Evasion Studio: A Primer on Counter-Archival Web Browsing and Chat Practices (The Error Network; Inter Arts Center, Malmö)

Aug 31-Sep 01. Returning the Ear. A collaborative soundwalk performance with Tim Shaw presented at 4S/EASST conference within the track Sensing, Walking and Embodiment With and By Technologies: A Track Away From The Desk. Collaboration with Tim Shaw from Culture Lab in Newcastle. Barcelona/Spain (JS)

Aug 30. ‘The Archival Body’, at The New Human symposium, Malmö University (Medea & K3) and Moderna Museet, Malmö. (SK). Panel discussion moderated by TO.

Aug 20. The Silent Killer: Exploring eBook Watermarking (Koppelting; De WAR, Amersfoort, NL) [slides] [video]

July 28. Reclusive Openness Remediated. Paper presented at International Association of Media and Communication Research Conference, University of Leicester. Popular Culture Working Group. Theme: Memory and Narration (AHH).

July 01-02. ‘Archival Re-enactments: The Image of the Black inhabited by three contemporary artists’, at the symposium Cross-Cultural Iconography: Celebrations in honour of Jean Michel Massing, Cambridge University, UK. (TO)

June 23-25. ‘Archival Ragpicking’, a paper and soundwalk presented at Oslo Flaneur Festival. (JS)

June 11. ‘Crafting and Countercrafting Racism: Identity politics at home’, at the symposium The Home within the Home for the exhibition Expansions of Homecraft, Konsthall C, Stockholm. (TO)

June 2. ‘How Images Speak: National Museum Artefact DVI6030, and Its Affects’, at the Landsforeningen til bevaring af Foto og Film (LFF) summer seminar Troublesome Pictures: Representing the Colonial Past, Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Copenhagen. (TO)

June. ‘Sonic Flaneurie‘ workshop, presentation and soundwalk performance, Flaneur Festival, Oslo, Norway

June. ‘On Lifelogging and Quantified Self‘, interview for a podcast, Medea Vox/Malmö University, Sweden

May 26–27. ‘Living Archives: Artistic research approaches to mixed reality curating’, at Curatorial Challenges International Conference, University of Copenhagen. (TO, ME, SK)

May 2–3. RADiCAL.PiRATiCAL event

April 28. ‘Unfinished Histories III: Temi Odumosu, Jeuno JE Kim and Ewa Einhorn’ a conversation in conjunction with the exhibition John Akomfrah: Vertigo Sea at Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen. (TO)

April 22. ‘Performing Encryption and Affect in the context of archiving and surveillance’, at Open! a public discussion and research meeting about mapping technologies and embodiment in the emergent techno-sensuous spatial order of Affect Space. De Balie, Amsterdam. (SK)

April 22. Presentation “Computational Visual Media and MRx” at workshop on Visual Technologies, place and space at University of Bergen, Norway (funded by the Irish Research Council and the European Commission) (ME).

April 21. Presentation on ‘Fragmentarium: personal archiving practices in the post-digital context‘ at Linköping Library.

April 20. ‘Affect, Ambiguity and Encryption‘ at Stockholm University of the Arts

April 16. Presentation on “Shredder Counter-Forensics: Secure Physical Data Destruction“, at the Bsides Tampa 2016 security conference.

April 5. Security Considerations for Image Archival open workshop

April 4. Presentation of “This Material Memory: Revisiting the oil portrait of George Alexander Gratton” for Revisiting Picturing Blackness seminar organised by the British Art Network at Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Art, UAL, London. (TO)

April. ‘Fragmentarium‘, talk at a symposium on artists’ books ‘After the book’ at the City Library in Linköping, Sweden

March 22–23. Archival Re-enactments Symposium with performances

March 22. Presentation of collaborative media projects developed by Interaction design master students at K3/Malmö University developed in collaboration with Living Archives and the Malmö City Archives.

March 10. Vaulting the Archive//Destroying the Archive twin open workshops

March. ‘Minuting‘, an online residency / exhibition / performance at InSonora festival of sound and interactive arts, Madrid, Spain

Feb 28. Bitter and Sweet Augmented Reality intervention at West India House in Copenhagen (more information to follow)

Feb 18. Facilitating Knowledge Sharing open workshop

Feb 3. K3 open seminar: Developing a Hacker Methodology: Praxes of Data Liberation as Archival Preservation

Jan 26. Open seminar on research ethics

Jan – Mar. Research-based teaching: Newcomer archives – Prototyping urban co-archiving practices for capturing and sharing Malmö. In collaboration with Interaction design master students at K3/Malmö University and The Malmö City Archives we explored and prototyped collaborative(co)-archiving practices aimed at involving more people in documenting the of Malmö. Read more.



Nov 16–Dec. The Openness publication is launched

Nov 24–26. Presentation of “This is how you see her? Rachel Pringle of Barbados by Thomas Rowlandson’s hand” at the Artist and Empire: New Dynamics conference, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, London, UK. (TO)

Nov 16–Dec. The publication Openness: Politics, Practices and Poetics is launched on

Nov 3-4. Memory Gaming at the AHA festival
As part of our participation in the ‘Re-enactments – Archival Performances’ at the AHA Festival the Memory Game was played. At the first gaming session the source was archival traces from the AHA festival 2014 archive. At the second gaming session (18 hours later) the players re-enact and share their memories and experiences from taking part in the archival performance during the last 22 hours. 

Nov 2–4. “Re-enactments – Archival Performances” – a 24 hour research performance event at the AHA Festival

Nov 22–23. Presentation of “Visual Politics of Slavery Past and Present” at Nordic Connections 2017, a stakeholder-planning workshop on colonial memorialisation convened by Dr Helle Stenum at Aarhus University (Copenhagen Campus), Denmark. (TO)

Nov. ‘Reality Backup‘, solo exhibition and performative lecture in conjunction to the doctoral research at Gallery Detroit/Stockholm

Oct.  ’24 Hour Reenactments’, durational performance together with the Living Archives research group, AHA festival of Art and Science at Chalmers University Goteborg, Sweden

Oct 20. Mission: Misplaced Memory – installation and Medea Talk, in collaboration with Medea

Oct 18. Presentation of ”Urban Archiving for Smarter Cities : Archival practices beyond Open data” at Culture and Computing 2015, Kyoto University, Japan.

Oct 16. Showcasing Women 100 and AR technologies in the Medea Showroom at the official opening of Malmö University’s new building, Niagara.

Oct 13–16. Presentation of “Teaching to Transgress Art Histories” for What do we teach when we teach art history? a symposium at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. (TO)

Oct 3. Presentation at the Ideographies of Knowledge symposium, Mons, Belgium. (NM)

Sept. Em:toolkit workshop

Sept. Post-doc Nikita Mazurov joins the project.

Sept. ‘The Only Thing We Have to Fear is…‘ talk at the symposium on Media Archaeology Lab and Artistic Practices, Data Museet, Linköping, Sweden

Aug 17. Presentation of “De-totalizing Capture: On Personal Recording and Archiving Practices” at the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Vancouver, Canada. (JS)

Jul 10. The keynote “Performing Encryption: a somatic approach to the practices and urgencies of contemporary archiving” at the Dance & Somatic Practices Conference – Ethics and Repair: Continuing Dialogues within Somatic Informed Practice and Philosophy, Coventry, UK. (SK)

Jun 18-20. ‘The art of self-tracking‘, a group exhibition and presentation at Quantified Self conference, curatorial co-direction (with Alberto Frigo, the initiator of this initiative and early proponent of manual life-logging) San Francisco, Herbst Pavilion (JS). USA

Jun 15. Presentation of “Lifelogging: “Snap a photo every 30 secs – reveal your parallel life””, at Selfie – Snapshot – Snapchat: The photograph between self-promotion, communication and history, the Landsforeningen til bevaring af Foto og Film (LFF) summer seminar at Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark. (SK)

Jun 15. Presentation of “Bearing Witness: Living Archives and its strategies for photographic representation” at Selfie – Snapshot – Snapchat: The photograph between self-promotion, communication and history, the Landsforeningen til bevaring af Foto og Film (LFF) summer seminar at Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark. (TO)

Jun 8–13. The paper ”Gravity and its Sisters” is presented under the track “Astronauts and Avatars: Exploring Consciousness through the Art and Science of Embodiment” at the Toward a Science of Consciousness conference, University of Helsinki, Finland (SK). View abstract, page 2.

Jun 8–10. Presentation of “Gardening communities as urban archives and social resource in urban planning” at the Nordes conference Design Ecologies: Challenging anthropocentrism in the design of sustainable futures, Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Sweden. (EN, VW)

Jun 4–5. From Soil to Structure
From Soil to Structure is a two-day program of cultural activities and discussions around soil and urban memories. Artists, urban gardeners, residents and researchers will meet to experience, discuss as well as taste a specific moment in history. From Soil to Structureis the second in a series of curated interventions by the Living Archives project during 2015, all responding to the theme of Performing Memory.
• Information about the program and participants.
• Photo documentation from the two days

Jun 4. Performing Encryption Improvisational Workshop

May 21–22. The paper “Somatic Archiving” is presented at Transvaluation: Making the World Matter – International symposium searching for alternative making of values through and in research, Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. (SK)

May 5. Soil memories workshop @Framtidsveckan

Apr 29. Call for submissions to the publication Openness: Politics, Practices and Poetics is opened.

Apr 24. Keynote “‘I Love Your Work:’ Seriality, Procedurality, and Narrative” at the conference Thinking Serially: Repetition, Continuation, Adaptation. The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, NY, US. (ME)

Mar 26. ‘Vi gräver i arkiven‘ – Workshop at Malmö stadsarkiv in the Women 100 project.

Mar 20. The paper “Searching for Victor and Alberta: Using AR to bear witness and give voice to Black lives in cultural heritage archives” (go to page 34/65) is presented at Challenge the Past: Diversify the Future, a conference at Gothenburg University, Sweden. (TO)

Mar 18. K3 seminar on ‘Openness’ – Politics, practices, problems and potentials of openness.

Mar 12. Eat a Memory # 2, Rochester, US.
Eat a Memory #2 was organised in collaboration with Marketview Heights Collective Action Project in Rochester, and researchers at RIT. The  event spawned a new project: Food: A Celebration of Diversity.

Mar 9-13. Visit to Rochester (US) and RIT
Nilson and Hansen went to Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology for a research trip hosted by Ann Howard and Jane Amstey. The aim was to learn more about the recent urban development process of Rochester and the work conducted by researchers and students at RIT. The visit resulted in a collaboration with RIT with the project Plant your History.

Mar. ‘Openness’ month. Discussions and plans for a forthcoming publication, relating to the Open Data & Cultural Archiving theme.

Feb 25-26. Somatic Archiving Symposium.

Feb 21. The paper “Cut and Paste: Material Memories of Slavery and the art of the Black Atlantic” is presented at the Romare Bearden’s “Odyssey” in a Global Age symposium at Columbia University, New York, USA. (TO)

Feb 21. “Tyranny of the Subject: Black representation both past and present”, a video provocation created for The Black Subject: Ancient to Modern symposium at Tate Britain, London, UK. (TO)

Feb 4. Workshop at the NCKultur: Förstärkt verklighet och arkivmaterial.

Jan 29. HERA matchmaking event: ‘Uses of the Past’ (AHH)



Dec 19. Students at the course Interaction design and media, Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University, present their website projects based on digital archive material on urban gardening. (EN, VW)

Dec 5-6. Participation at the Rethinking Social Memory conference, University of Oslo. (SK)

Dec 3. Urban gardening workshop 3.

Dec 2. ‘Det är vi som kan sanningen om vårt liv’ – romska kvinnor berättar, Teknikens och sjöfartens hus, Malmö museer. (EB, AHH)

Dec 1-3. Participation and presentation at the NODEM 2014 conference “Engaging Spaces – Interpretation, Design and Digital Strategies”. (SK, JS, DS)

Nov 27. Eat a Memory # 1, Malmö. 
Eat a Memory is a series of experiments exploring food and meals as performed memories, and cooking as archival practice. See documentation

Nov 26. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Learning Site.

Nov 26. ‘Somatic Archiving’ – seminar for artistic research students of the Malmö Music Academy. (SK)

Nov 24. ‘Sanning, lögn, makt och trovärdighet utifrån en intervju?’ Methodology workshop: ‘Intervjuteknik för projektet Etthundra År av Immigrantkvinnors Liv och Arbete i Malmö’, Stadsarkivet Malmö. (EB, AHH)

Nov 19. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Gunnel Pettersson.

Nov 13. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Anna Maria Orru.

Nov 12. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Apolonija Šušteršič.

Nov – Dec. Research-based teaching: Digital resources for urban gardeners
The project was run in collaboration with students at the course Interaction design and media, Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University. Design brief: Design a website based on digital archive material on urban gardening, aiming at supporting and inspiring people that already are, or want to become, urban gardeners.

Oct 29. Urban gardening workshop 2.

Oct 29. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Bonnie Fortune.

Oct 27. “Picturing Slavery Past and Present”, a keynote for Black History Month panel Looking at Slavery at York University, York, UK. (TO)

Oct 22. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Sunshine Socialist Cinema.

Oct 20. “Inside the Crooked Room: Regimes of Black representation both past and present”, a seminar for Dr. Matthius Danbolt’s Art History Course, Copenhagen University, Denmark. (TO)

Oct 15. Greenhouse Artist Talks: Zeenath Hasan.

Oct 9. Evaluation workshop ‘Woman 100‘, Teknikens och sjöfartens hus, Malmö museer,  (EB, AHH)

Oct 1-3. Participation at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) seminar at Malmö University.

Oct 1. Urban gardening workshop 1.

Oct – Dec. Greenhouse Artist Talk
This series of talks invites artistic practitioners to present and explore work related to urban gardening and archives. The greenhouse (’växthuset’ at the café in Slottsträdgården, Malmö) becomes a site for research and artistic practice curated by Veronica Wiman. Read more

Sep 23. Seminar with representatives from the Living Memories project.

Sep – Jan 2015. Research-based teaching:  Open data and digital archives in the urban gardening context
In collaboration with master’s students at the Media Software Design programme, researchers in the Living Archives project initiated an exploratory study aiming at supporting urban gardening practices through digital technologies. The study resulted in two prototypes: the Sensor Stickgenerating data on moisture levels at various soil depths, and the Voice Gardenenabling gardeners to share ’local’ knowledge. Read more.
• Photos from the interventions.

Aug. Post-doc Temi Odumosu joins the project.

Aug. Maria Engberg joins the project.

Jun 16–19. Participation and presentations at the Design Research Society’s 2014 conference in Umeå (EB, SK)

Jun 12–15. Women Making History participates at Nordic Forum: New Action on Women’s Rights (EB, AHH)

Jun 12–14. Women Making History participates at Feministisk Festival, Malmö Folkets Park. (EB, AHH)

Jun 9. Internal seminar on Urban Gardening (EN, VW, JS, RT, AHH)

Jun 4–6. Presentations at the conference Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Popular Culture, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (EB, SK)

May 31. Opening of the Malmö Museum exhibition Women Making History, for 100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö (EB, AHH, RT)

May 26. Meeting with Anton Överhem for possible collaboration with a project at Folklivsarkivet.

May 14–16. Presentation at the Cultural Politics of Memory, Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University (AHH)

May 9. Making / Narratives – Public seminar at HDK, Gothenburg University (EB)

Apr 28–May 2. Workshops: Performing Archives – Artistic research, archives and augmented reality (SK, DS, CR, JS)

Apr 15. Launch of website Women Making History for 100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö (EB, AHH, RT)

Mar 26. Public seminar: A day about Open Data and Cultural Archiving

Mar 13. Public seminar: Linked Data Sweden. (MGF, RT, DS)

Mar 6. Presentation at Ideas in Mobile Learning 2014 (DS, SK, JG, SK, JS)

Mar. ‘Street-sampling Madrid‘, explorations of a personal archive of street music,  installation, performance, and workshop at In-Sonora, VIII Festival of Sound and Intermedia Arts, Madrid, Spain

Feb 11. Workshop: 100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö (EB, AHH)



Dec 3. Medea Talk: Waltraut Ritter on Open Public Data in the Cultural Sector, co-produced with the Living Archives project.

Dec 2. Workshop: One Hundred Years With Immigrant Women In Malmö (EB, AHH)

Nov 15. Performing Memory: paper presented at the LARM conference (SK)

Nov 14. Lecture on Somatic Materialism at the Aesthetic Seminar series (SK)

Nov 7. Participation at the Aalto University seminar “Infrastructuring the Commons?” (EB)

Nov 6. Announcement for two Post Doctorate positions published.

Nov. ‘Archiving the Ephemeral’, a workshop on augmented reality and digital heritage at Moholy Nagy Institute of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary. 

Oct 29–Nov 11. AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels, Part of the Re-New Digital Arts Festival 2013 (SK, DS, JS). Installation and performance co-developed with Living Archives research group members (Susan Kozel, Jeannette Ginslov, Camilla Ryd and Daniel Spikol) within the ReNew performance art festival in Copenhagen, Denmark

Oct 14. Internal seminar on Archives in Process.

Oct. ‘Slussen Project‘, sound installation at Medborgarplatsen Library, Stockholm, Sweden

Sep 20. Meeting with Johanna Berg from Digisam, Riksarkivet (MGF) (notes here).

Sep 9. Jacek Smolicki, PhD candidate in Media and Communication Studies, joins the project.

Jun 11. Participation at the event Kvinna och immigrant – immigrant och kvinna (summary and the flyer), Malmö City, Malmö Museums, City Library (AHH).

June 3. Seminar with people from the Ghost Rockets project.

Jun 3–7. Participation at the CIDOC CRM meeting, hosted by Digisam and Riksarkivet (DS, MGF).

May 24. Presentation of the project at 1st Linked Data Meetup. The presentation title is Linked Data: Research projects and education at Malmö University (MGF).

May 20. Seminar with Rikard Fröberg from Morus and Föreningen för fri kultur och programvara.

May 20. Seminar with Anna Svensson, Malmö muséer, and Parvin Ardalan.

May 7. Presentation of Quantified Self – Body Data / Data Choreography at the ARUP explores series of a conference sponsored by Foresight and Innovation section of ARUP’s London office (SK).

Apr 25–26. Presentation at the conference Don’t forget the archives: Collecting Non-Archives for the Post-Media Condition, at Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany (EB).

Apr 25. Seminar at the Riksarkivet event Digisam: Öppna kulturarvsdata i Norden (MGF, DS, AW).

Apr 24-28. Participation at the Sonorities: Beyond Soundscapes conference in Belfast, exploring potential research collaboration with researchers in sonic arts (SK).

Apr 22. Internal seminar on ‘Back to Basics’.

Apr 16. Presentation of the project at the event Länkade data i Sverige (MGF).

Apr 15. Internal seminar on Performance, led by Susan Kozel.

Apr 8. Internal seminar on Augmented Reality research directions, led by Daniel Spikol.

Apr 3. Susan Kozel presents the project at the Malmö University event Akademisk kvart.

Mar 25. Internal seminar on Archives and Archiving, led by Susan Kozel.

Mar 21. Participation in the Malmö stad seminar: konstområdesdialogen för kulturarv (EN).

Mar 18. Internal seminar on Open Data, led by Marie Gustafsson Friberger.

Mar 16. Erling Björgvinsson and Anders Høg Hansen present the paper Archiving Bodies – Bodies, Leisure and (territorial) Politics at the Popmodernism Circle, Nordic Summer University, Turku, Finland.

Mar 1. Public performance of DansAR 02.

Feb 25 – Mar 1. DansAR workshop series (DansAR 02).

Feb 22. Public performance of DansAR 01.

Feb 18–22. DansAR workshop series (DansAR 01).

Jan 18. First project meeting.

Jan. The Living Archives project starts.

Dec 2012. Susan Kozel and Asta Wellejus present the project to participants at the Medea event Connectivity Lab Live.


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