AffeXity: Passages and Tunnels


AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels is an artistic research project exploring affect, memory, and archives. It grew out of the AffeXity collaboration between Susan Kozel and Jeannette Ginslov and takes a dance and choreographic approach to Augmented Reality (AR) with the aim of fostering meaningful relationships between dancers, audience members, archival media, and physical locations.

AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels was a beta performance included in the Re-New Festival 2013. Dance improvisation and screendance techniques for video capture and editing were combined to explore affect in urban spaces. The AR browser Aurasma was used to suspend the choreographies as hidden layers of media living in physical space. An extra dimension of archived material was added, so that AR became part time-machine and part performance of memory. AR tags were placed all around the outside of the Nikolaj Kunsthal. We experimented with archival material from the Royal Danish Theatre and Svenska Filmarkivet. Read more about that here.

Documentation video, by Jeanette Ginslov (link to YouTube).

Researchers: Susan Kozel and Jeannette Ginslov.

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Publication: Kozel, Susan. 2012. AffeXity: Performing Affect with Augmented Reality. Fibreculture Journal.

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