A sneak peek of Living Archives at Riksarkivet’s Digisam conference

Living Archives will host the Developer’s Breakfast at the Riksarkivet conference Digisam 2013 in Malmö. Here’s the presentation of the seminar as it was sent out to participants:

At the seminar, you will get an insight into the Living Archives world: our points of departure, backgrounds, aims, research approach and questions. We will also present a case study dealing with open cultural data, crowdsourcing, performing memory etc.

However, at this seminar we are not going to be the only ones speaking, sharing experiences, and insights. We also want to hear your thoughts, and invite you all to an open discussion and brainstorming session about burning issues within the field of digital archives.

See the full program and sign up.

Read more about Digisam (a secretariat for National coordination of digitisation, digital preservation and digital access to cultural heritage) and the Digisam 2013 conference (Open Cultural Heritage Data in the Nordic Countries April 24-25, 2013).

Update: a short write-up of the outcome of this seminar is posted here.

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