Lecture on Somatic Materialism at the Aesthetic Seminar series

On Nov 14, Susan Kozel presents at the “Æstetisk seminar” (Aesthetic Seminar) lecture series at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark.

The title of the lecture is Somatic Materialism: Affect, Performance and Archiving. Kozel writes:

This talk will be an exploration of somatic materialism. Initially a visceral response to speculative materialism, somatic materialism unfolds both in thought and in practice: in philosophical reflection, in artistic practice dealing with affect, and in somatic practices of attention and non-knowing. The phenomena of performative re-enactment will be viewed somatically thereby challenging the distinction between liveness and mediation, this will open onto a notion of somatic archiving.

More information is available on the Aarhus University website.

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