Workshop: Em:toolkit – Tools for urban mapping and performance practices

Photo credit: Alessandro Carboni

Photo credit: Alessandro Carboni

NB! Postponed until September, 2015!
Interdisciplinary workshop with artist/researcher Alessandro Carboni, 9­–11 June 2015 (2–6 PM at K3). Participants should preferably be able to take part all three days.

The aim of the workshop is to explore the city of Malmö with alternative performative practices of urban mapping. The performative character of the workshop will allow participants from different backgrounds (such as dance or performance), who may speak different languages, to explore and map urban space and perform on an equal footing. The field and context of the Em:toolkit is within performance practice and visual art. But, it is extremely influenced by areas of research like architecture, complex systems, design thinking, and so on. Also, Em:toolkit makes no distinction between practice and theory, acting and observing, thinking and saying … every action is ‘doing’.

Anyone interested in this cross-­boundary approach and working within areas of research dealing with tags like performance, choreography, cartography, visual art and performance, self­-organization, creativity, embodiment, composition, improvisation or representation is welcome to participate in this collaborative mapping practice and application of Em:toolkit.

The workshop is free of charge and is part of Alessandro Carboni’s PhD research project Performing Urban Complexity, at School of Creative Media, City University, Hong Kong. The project is developed in collaboration with the Living Archives project, Malmö University.

» More info about the Em:toolkit

» Learn more about Alessandro Carboni, artist-in-residence in the Living Archives project, May to September 2015.

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