Security Considerations for Image Archival open workshop

Security Considerations for Image Archival open workshop.

When? Tuesday, April 5 2016, 13.15-15.00

Where? The communal 5th floor study space in Niagara (Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö).

What? What security issues may one want to consider when images are involved in one’s research? This workshop will explore potential steps which can be taken to protect research co-participants, the safety of whom may otherwise be compromised by insufficient attention given to the potential privacy implications of having images be archived in research projects, irrespective of whether or not the co-participants themselves are in the image or not.

The workshop will discuss various existent forensic image data mining techniques which attempt to extract actionable intelligence from an image based both on an analysis of image metadata, as well as through the extraction of latent visual clues. The workshop will then go on to describe counter-forensic considerations that may be mobilized to foil image analysis attacks; in other words, postulating ways of helping to assure that co-participant privacy is not compromised, and further discussing why ‘blurring faces’ or ‘just wiping the metadata’ are insufficient techniques of source protection, thus paving the way for a more comprehensive, security-conscious image handling protocol.

Bring along your laptops to partake in a hands-on forensic image analysis case study.

Students, colleagues, and everyone both inside, outside, and in-between the university are all very, very, welcome!

Update: the workshop slides are now available here.

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