Paper presented at the Cumulus 2017 REDO conference

Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen presented the paper “Becoming a co-archivist. ReDoing archival practices for democratising the access to and participation in archives” at the Cumulus 2017 REDO conference in Koldning, Denmark. 

ABSTRACT – This paper presents the second phase of the project Co-archiving Flight Documentation, aimed at exploring and prototyping co-archiving practices for involving underrepresented voices in sharing stories of our times from their point of view. The prototypes developed can be iterated and put in use, but may also potentially contribute to challenging the role of the archivist. What parallels can be drawn between the practices of a co-designer and an archivist interested in becoming a co-archivist? Building on outcomes from previous design interventions within the co-archiving research theme, we will run a co-design process involving practitioners and newcomers. Since the design process is not yet completed, we cannot present any concrete prototypes. This paper suggests imaginative ways of ReDoing by applying co-design approaches in other disciplines, and contributes to the discussion of how co-designers can step into other domains and be part of developing practices and approaches in other fields.

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