Living Archives final event: 11 – 13 April 2018

Stage for “Kalunga”, a performance by Luanda Carniero Jacoel at the symposium Archival Reenactments (2016). Featuring a photograph of Deaconess orphanage in Frederiksted, St. Croix. Group photo including Sister Maren, Miss James, Marchal and Sister Nic. Maritime Museum of Denmark.

An event to mark the end of the Living Archives Research Project

SAVE THE DATES: 11- 13 April 2018

Instead of the usual way of closing a long project, we will celebrate the research through activation and speculation. Asking “What comes next for archiving?” we will continue the liveness of Living Archives and address the cultural, digital, ethical and political dimensions of contemporary archiving.

Keynote lectures by Professor Rebecca Schneider and artist/activist Tanya Ury will be paired with performances by Luanda Carniero Jacoel & Yong Sun Gullach. Other performance, talks, presentations, prototype showings and interventions are in process of being confirmed.

This event will be hosted by us in Malmö (Sweden). More details to follow in the weeks to come!


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