Maria Engberg

Photo: Jacek Smolicki

Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Malm√∂ University.  PhD. in English. 

I have a PhD in English from Uppsala University and a strong profile in the Digital Humanities. I am also a collaborating researcher with the Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology (US). In collaboration with this lab I have been working a lot with the Augmented Reality browser Argon. In Living Archives we explore how location aware technologies such as AR support site-specific narratives. My research focuses on critical media studies and design research: how technologies along with creative and narrative practices integrate with urban, social spaces. Within Living Archives I am interested in how media forms affect aesthetic practices and urban life. Questions that interest me in Living Archives include: how do we actually work with data, how do archival practices intersect with mediated locative platforms for sharing, and how do media design practices change with a more critically aware understanding of those mediated experiences and practices. Another key interest for me is how we engage intellectually, emotionally, and through our senses with urban mobile media.

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