This page gives you an overview and links to all relevant information about the project, presented alphabetically. Use the CTRL+F (or CMD+F) keyboard shortcuts to search this page.

Applications (project proposals)
A public version of the research proposal submitted to VR can be accessed here, the full description with restricted access can be found here.

Bibliography – annotated and collaborative
We have a Collaborative Annotated Bibliography (in Google Docs) where we share relevant texts.

We use a public Google Calendar. See the How to: Google Calendar and here’s the read-only version of the calendar.

Code will be made available through Medea’s GitHub account.

Documentation of this project come in multiple forms and media types. Look for the media type elsewhere on this hub.

Communication/Coordination (intranet-ish)
We use the Living Archives group on Yammer. For easy access, bookmark this link: And here’s a guide on how to post messages to Yammer from Outlook (or whatever).

Project management and coordination, see Communication/Coordination.

Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes are presented in reverse chronological order in this Google document.

See Timeline.

To-do: create a page with a list of local, regional, national, and international partners.

Photos and graphis are stored in the Flickr Collection Living Archives through Medea’s Flickr account. See the How to: Flickr for a quick-guide on how to upload images to Flickr.

Publications which are a result of this project can be found by browsing the Publications category archive. To-do: create a category for external publications that are of relevance to this project.

All scientific articles published in this project need to be made open access (according to guidelines from Vetenskapsrådet). An addendum might be needed.

Keynote and PowerPoint presentations will be stored on Medea’s SlideShare account.

Press material

Usernames & Passwords
Are stored in this Google document.

Edited videos are published in the Living Archives playlist on Medea’s YouTube account. See the How to: YouTube for a quick-guide on how to upload videos to YouTube. For raw video material, see the How to: External Harddrive for a tutorial.

This project timeline lists all major and minor events, seminars, conferences we have initiated or participated in.

Updated May 3, 2013, by Richard.

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