AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels

Part of the Re-New Digital Arts Festival 2013, Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2013.

Photo: Jeannette Ginslov. Dance: Wubkje Kuindersma.

Photo: Jeannette Ginslov. Dance: Wubkje Kuindersma.

Dance and Augmented Reality combine to make up the Augmented Choreography of AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels.

AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels is a project exploring affect in urban spaces. Dance improvisation and screen dance techniques for video capture and editing are the main artistic modalities. The element of Augmented Reality (AR) lets the choreographies be suspended as hidden layers of media living in physical space and on personal mobile phones. An extra dimension of archived material is added, letting AR be part time-machine part performance of memory. This artwork can be experienced individually, or as part of coordinated groups, or you can see the AR media combined with a live performance on 31 October (see times and instructions below). The AR tags are placed all around the outside the Nikolaj building. You will need the free AR browser Aurasma (download here) running on your mobile phones to access the media.

Video from the performances. See more videos in the Living Archives playlist

Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen – Nikolaj Plads 10, 1067 Copenhagen, Denmark

Jeannette Ginslov (video & concept), Susan Kozel (artistic direction & concept), Wubkje Kuindersma (dance), Camilla Ryd (images & interaction design), Jacek Smolicki (sound), Daniel Spikol (technical production), Oliver Starpov (dance).

Visit the Nikolaj with your own mobile phones any time from 17:30 on Tuesday, Oct 29, until Sunday, Nov 11. Tags are attached to the outside of the building.

Each day, from Tuesday, Oct 29, until Saturday, Nov 2, from 17:30-20:30 someone will be there to help you with the tags and the AR browser.

Two performances will take place, integrating dancer (Wubkje Kuindersma) with the layers of media running on mobile devices on Oct 31 at 17:15 and 18:00. We will provide a few extra mobile phones and iPads if you need one. A local area wifi will also be available.
On Saturday, Nov 2, at 14:00 you can join a group and experience the media with others.

(You can follow these instructions from home or once you reach the Nikolaj)

  1. You will need the Augmented Reality browser Aurasma to access the media of AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels. It is free from the App Store, download here
  2. Start the Aurasma app and click on the A-shaped icon at the bottom to go to the home screen
  3. Tap the magnifying glass icon (circle with line) and enter AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels in search box
  4. Tap on the channel in the search results and then tap the Follow icon
  5. You are now connected to the channel
  6. From the main aurasma page, tap the [ ] icon to begin viewing the media. Place your phone in front of the image tag and wait for the purple circle to indicate the media is downloading.

AffeXity would like to acknowledge support from the following organisations: Malmö University, Medea, Re-New Digital Arts Festival, Det Kongelige Teater, Svenska Filminstitutet, Vetenskapsrådet, and Nikolaj Konsthal.

AffeXity is an ongoing project included in the the Living Archives research project.

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