Passages and Tunnels at Re-New 2013

Update Oct 28 – the official invitation to take part in AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels is published here.

AffeXity: Passages and Tunnels is a project on “affect in urban spaces”, which will be performed at the Re-New Digital Arts Festival in Copenhagen, October, 2013. Living Archives project members Susan Kozel and Daniel Spikol will, in collaboration with artist Jeannette Ginslov, do a so-called Augmented Choreography performance, utilizing augmented-reality technologies and archive video-material from a large Danish cultural institution.

Passages and Tunnels will use the open-source augmented-reality browser Aurasma to:

expose somatic and affective layers of our urban spaces through dance improvisation and captured on video

(quote from the project proposal)

Eight passageways in Copenhagen will be “tagged” so that the location can act as a trigger, and each tag launches a video sequence of movement improvisation. The visual aesthetic is layered, dissolving, and immersive, and draws heavily on affective qualities the team has developed in previous artistic research.

Experiments of how digital media content can be made accessible and lived by means of augmented-reality technologies was carried out during spring 2013, read about the DansAR workshops. The early stages of AffeXity have also been written about in Fibreculture Journal issue 21.

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