Women Stories—Newsletter no. 2


Image credit: Sharmin Afsana Shuchi

On February 11, women gathered to share life stories and discuss experiences of being an immigrant woman in Malmö. All part of the project 100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö, run by Malmö museum and the network Feminist Dialog in cooperation with ABF and researchers from the Living Archives project at Malmö University.

The aim of the second workshop (the first workshop is accounted for here) was to discuss how the project may contribute to the Nordic Forum New Action on Women’s Rights events and exhibition June 12-16, 2014. To help discussion underway—and to provide materials and experiences for further ways of highlighting women’s histories of immigration—a group of students from the interaction design masters programme at Malmö University had created exercises and material (for example, theme cards/flashcards and posters) to stimulate debate.

What follows in this newsletter # 2 are extracts from note takers and some pictures from the event. The newsletter also includes a summary of the interaction design students’ ideas on how women’s experiences and ideas—for the project in general—can be publicly shared and communicated.

Download the newsletter in English or Swedish.

100 Years of Immigrant Women’s Life and Work in Malmö is a project run by Malmö Museum and the network Feminist Dialog, in cooperation with ABF and Malmö University.


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