Sunshine Socialist Cinema – Greenhouse Artist Talk on Oct 22


On Wednesday, October 22, Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing from Sunshine Socialist Cinema will screen films and talk about how films can generate discussions on radical topics. The lecture is open to the public and is part of the Greenhouse Artist Talks lecture series, where artists are invited to present work related to urban gardening and archives.

What: Greenhouse Artist Talks
When: Wednesday, Oct 22, at 17-19.
Where: Växthuset, Slottsträdgårdens kafé (map)
Whom: everyone, open to the public, but please sign up here!

Sunshine Socialist Cinema screens art films with the purpose of stimulating discussion on radical topics. It is a solar-powered outdoor cinema, situated in a small village in the Swedish countryside, and screenings happen during the summer months. The people behind the cinema meet through a study group in the local workers’ educational association, and have recently started a library of reference books for the village. In addition to showing art films, the cinema also collects material on topics from its local context, such as sugar farming and the period of small-scale private coal mining that occurred during the 1940s, when people dug for coal in their gardens and farmlands. The interest in energy forms such as sugar and coal also comes from viewing them as condensed or materialized solar energy. During the evening in the Slottsträdgården greenhouse, Kalle Brolin and Kristina Müntzing will talk about their work and show films of the private coal mines. Possible topics for discussion could be the activation of archival material and its relevance for the future, and formats of display which stimulate associative links. Read more about Sunshine Socialist Cinema.

Update: This Greenhouse Artist Talk is now posted on YouTube, and embedded below. This video will be published when copyrighted material has been edited out, due end of Nov, 2014.

Read more about and see the full programme of the Greenhouse Artist Talks lecture series here.

For more information, contact Veronica Wiman.

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