On Museums and Nationalism: A Medea Vox Podcast with Peggy Levitt

Modern migration and globalization issues are forcing museums around the world to think about their role in society. For example, how open are museums really? Can they balance the pressures of nationalism and multiculturalism? What kinds of citizens are they trying to create?

This Medea Vox podcast on Museums and Nationalism explores these questions, in a conversation between Temi Odumosu and Professor Peggy Levitt, author of Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display (2015). Together they discuss one of the biggest and most thorny issues in the museum world: diversification.

Peggy Levitt is Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department at Wellesley College and Co-Director of Harvard University’s Transnational Studies Initiative. She gave the keynote presentation at the conference Museums in Times of Migration and Mobility (25-26 May 2016), hosted by Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare.


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