Troublesome Pictures Seminar 02 June – Video documentation

Event: Troublesome Pictures: Representing the Colonial Past
Location: Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, Copenhagen
Date: 02 June 2016
Paper title: How Images Speak: National Museum artefact DVI6030, and its affects

“Images depicting former colonies have shaped and continue to inform interpretations of the past. Libraries, museums, archives all collect images, but also communicate them in various ways, taking part in the constant construction of colonial visual history.” This seminar – arranged by LFF (Landsforeningen til bevaring af Foto og Film: – discussed the creation, circulation, registration and interpretation of images.

Postdoc Temi Odumosu presented a paper entitled “How Images Speak: National Museum artefact DVI6030, and its affects“, which used a colonial photograph taken around 1911 in the former Danish Virgin Islands, to explore how archives silence some subjects in relation to a wider politics of representation. You can view her talk and the whole programme below, or on YouTube.

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