Susan Kozel

Project Lead

Professor, School of Arts and Communication (K3).  Director of the Living Archives Research Project.

Working at the convergence between philosophy, dance and digital technologies, I cultivate a creative and critical approach to embodiment in a world of ever expanding networked digital media. I contribute to both the Performing Memory and Open Data strands of Living Archives by exploring the use of Augmented Reality on mobile devices to situate archival material in urban locations (“AffeXity”); by developing the affective and performative implications of “Somatic Archiving“; and by challenging the rhetoric of openness with “Performing Encryption“.

I see archiving practices as paradoxical combinations of the subtle and overt: they are deeply embedded yet networked, elusive yet trackable. There is much discussion of what is excluded or forgotten in archiving, as if we should either remedy or celebrate the loss. Taking a somewhat different perspective, my current stance on archiving is to understand the inherent ambiguity and necessity for closure or veiling, alongside strategies for preservation and sharing.

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