Post Doctorate position in Media Technology

Deadline for applying to this position was 11 May 2015 – thanks for your interest!

The Living Archives project at Malmö University now looks for its second Post Doc. Last date for applications is 11 May 2015. Read the full call, or see the excerpt below.

We invite Post Doctoral applicants to coincide with one or more of the following approaches to archives:

Augmented Reality (AR) –The applicant possesses programming and visual skills relevant for transposing media (sonic, visual, sensor data) into mobile augmented reality browsers, and for further development or expansion of AR technologies. Experience and knowledge with open-source, open standards frameworks (Mobile, AR, Archival systems) that include web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JSON, REST, and JavaScript.

Media Art – The applicant has a PhD in artistic research or design, with strong media skills in combination with some programming, and a vision for how to engage with archiving practices in a technological, cultural, or media art/archaeological manner.

Open Data – The applicant possesses technological, museological, or archival research experience (or a combination thereof) and a particular interest in contributing to the practices and discourses around openness, open data, open access, inclusion, and privacy. Experience or knowledge of the Europeana Data Model is preferable.

For each approach, prototype development and evaluation should be combined with critical perspectives in order to establish tools, methods, and/or interventions in this area. The Post Doc is expected to propose a sub project relevant to a particular archive but is also expected to collaborate actively with one of the sub projects already existing in the Living Archives project. The Post Doctorate should be comfortable working in interdisciplinary projects and establishing contacts both nationally and internationally.

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