Always Becoming: Malmö – Alessandro Carboni visiting artist

Alessandro Carboni is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects explore the relationships between body and space. From May to September, Carboni will explore the city of Malmö through performative practices of urban mapping. Always Becoming #Malmo – Tools for urban mapping and performance practice Text: Alessandro Carboni, artist-in-residence in the Living… Continue reading

Maria Engberg: Using augmentation technologies to mediate stories

How may augmentation technologies be used to mediate ‘stories’ based on archival material? And how do you design for it? These are a few of the questions that Maria Engberg, assistant professor in media technology at Malmö University, will explore in the Living Archives research project. For a brief introduction… Continue reading

Approaching Urban Gardening/Farming: Initiatives by Citizens, Municipalities, and Governments

Urban Gardening is one of the themes that researchers in the Living Archives project are working with. The aim is to explore how cultural-heritage archive material, and open-data sets, can be social resources that support and stimulate urban gardening practices, and contribute to social change and sustainable urban development. This… Continue reading

Invitation: One Hundred Years With Immigrant Women In Malmö

On Dec 2 at Garaget in Malmö there is a workshop between 18.30–20.30 specifically on women’s stories related to immigration to Malmö. It is part of the project “One Hundred Years With Immigrant Women In Malmö”. It was initiated by the Iranian activist Parvin Ardalan, but is now running with… Continue reading

Jacek Smolicki joins the team

Jacek Smolicki is since September PhD student in Media and Communication Studies at the School of Arts and Communications, Malmö University. He is also a member of the Living Archives project. Here’s an introduction to him and his work! Jacek Smolicki has a background in interdisciplinary art and design. Drawing on conceptual… Continue reading

Project news: Seminar on augmented (un)-reality

The Living Archives project group meets in person on a bi-weekly basis for seminars on poignant topics and discussions on what directions we should take. This week’s meeting was on the topic of Augmented Reality (AR), led by Daniel Spikol. The discussion on future directions of AR in this project… Continue reading