The Art of Self-Tracking

The proliferation of recording and tracking devices gave rise to practices commonly referred to as self-tracking, life-logging or sousveillance. We live in the age when a myriad of increasingly miniaturised and automated gadgets, databasing mechanisms and algorithms gradually take control over how our everyday lives are being recorded, stored and mediated. In this exhibition, we attempt to present how self-tracking has been embraced by artists as an aesthetic technique. We turn to artists and media practitioners who engage themselves in crafting their own methods, poetics and aesthetics of personal documentation. Often using the same technologies that passively catalogue digital lives of millions of people, artists, programmers, activists and other media practitioners that we draw attention to in this exhibition, open up alternative paths for how technology can be incorporated to idiosyncratically document one’s everyday life. Artists: Ellie Harrison (UK), Jacek Smolicki (PL), Daniel Iwan Wilaga (HU), Alberto Frigo (IT), Brian House (US), Yann Vanderme (FR), Danielle Roberts (NL), Catherine D’Ignazio (US), Stephen Cartwright (US), Elly Clarke (UK), Ingrid Forsler (SE), Daniel Peltz (US). James Pricer (US), Jacopo Pontormo (IT), Janina Turek (PL)


The Art of Self-Tracking Exhibition at Fort Mason, San Francisco, 18-20 June , curators: Alberto Frigo and Jacek Smolicki

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